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Award categories

Community Contribution - This award recognizes an individual or group who volunteered their time to make a positive impact on their local community.

Arts and Culture Contribution - This award recognizes an individual or group whose dedication promoted Islamic and British culture and enriched and shaped the country's cultural landscape.

Sports Contribution - This award honours individuals or teams who have demonstrated their commitment to achieve success in the sporting arena. The 2012 London Olympics were about providing a legacy. This award indentifies those who have inspired other British Muslims around the country.

Young Achiever of the Year - Who says age determines success? This award recognizes an individual who has achieved significant success at a relatively young age, through dedication and drive. This award is not based on monetary value alone.

Charity of the Year- Muslims have been giving Ziqat and Saddkah for years. This award recognizes those bodies which have used the money wisely around the world and made a positive impact.

Professional of the Year – This award recognizes an individual who has been an asset to their professional body and has excelled in their chosen field.

Businessman of the Year – is an entrepreneur who has excelled in business and set an example for others. An individual who has emerged at the forefront of his industry.

Businesswoman of the Year – This award is presented to the woman whose skills, energy and tenacity have put at the forefront of her industry, setting an example and showing that woman are equally as good in business as men.

Business of the Year – A business that has managed to sustain itself in the current climate and has come out on top of the game, leading the way in its field or industry.

Muslim Woman of the Year – This goes to a strong woman who has excelled in her chosen field.

Religious Advocate of the Year – This award recognizes a religious teacher who is able to balance Muslim teachings with the British way of life.

Responsible Media outlet of the Year - A media outlet which has portrayed Islam in a balanced and insightful manner.

Politician of the Year – An individual who has broken down political barriers and is constantly striving to implement change for the good of society.

Spirit of Britain Award – An individual or group which has embraced British values whilst remaining true to their Islamic roots.

Educationalist of the Year—This award recognizes the dedication and skills required to be a successful teaching while balancing British Muslim values.